About James A. Harnish

After 42 years of pastoral ministry in Florida, I am discovering the new life of a retired United Methodist preacher.  Martha and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary on the same weekend we concluded our ministry at Hyde Park United Methodist in Tampa in 2014.

In 2018 moved to Longwood, Florida, where I continue writing for the United Methodist Publishing House (Cokesbury),doing some teaching and preaching, and serving as a facilitator for the Institute of Preaching at Duke Divinity School while protecting time for relaxing with the family.

We have two fantastic daughters.  Carrie Lynn is married to Andy.  They live in Orlando with our grandchildren Julia, Alex and Luke. Deborah Jeanne is married to Dan.  They live in Charleston, South Carolina, with our two grand-daughters, Mattie, and Molly.



10 thoughts on “About James A. Harnish

  1. Hi Jim. i seem to have lost your new email address. Please send it to me!
    wgf – roland

    1. Roland: My new email is jharnish1947@gmail.com. Your email bounced back to me. Please send me your new address. How long are you in the States?

  2. Dear Jim,
    I originally searched for you to say thank you for your clear and sensible devotions in Upper Room Devotions. They have been very helpful. When I didn’t find you as pastor of a church, I figured you were retired and, fortunately, found you here. Now, I can thank you also for your thoughtful blog about “Is God a Republican.” I’ll read other blogs later. But, again, thanks.
    Rev. Ed Womack, UMC pastor, worked for 40 yrs, retired for 22, Cal-Pac conference

  3. I want to thank you for your presence and sharing in Bay View this week. We are a wonderful community with a long heritage that in my experience is struggling with what it means to follow Jesus . Your thoughts and comments have encouraged me and re-kindled my belief that there is a solution. Blessings Vic

  4. Paul McCutcheon April 3, 2018 — 7:22 pm

    Hi Jim, I graduated from Asbury College in 1962, and remember the name Harnish from then. Would that have been you or a relative ? I play in the brass group at 1st UM Orlando,l where I understand you’ll be preaching this Sunday. Will try to see you.
    Paul McCutcheon

    1. Paul: My brother and I started at Asbury College in 1965, so we didn’t overlap in our time there. I don’t know of any relatives who had ever gone there before. Looking forward to being at First Church on Sunday. Thanks.

  5. Hi. fellow member of First United Methodist in WP. Is that a coincidence or what. Have been seeing you in devotions which I do daily as well as services. I wrote a catch up letter but understandably the church office couldn’t give me your address. Hope this email finds you and Marsha well. Can’t wait till things get back to “normal” and we are able to worship as a present community. again. Sue

    1. Sue: What a surprise to hear from you and to now our paths have crossed again. We moved to Longwood two years ago to be closer to our kids and grandkids in College Park and Charleston. My email is jharnish1947@gmail.com. Thanks for reaching out! Jim

  6. Hi, Jim! I didn’t know you were in Longwood. Jim and I live in Lake Mary. We are members at Grace UMC, Lake Mary. We are always using your name and quoting your books. Thank you for all that you have done and all you continue to do!

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