Will Your “One, Wild and Precious Life” Make a Difference?

The Shameless Commerce Division 

Saturday mornings will never be the same without NPR’s “Car Talk.” You didn’t need to know anything about cars to enjoy the Magliozzi brothers humorous chatter which ends this month.

If you were a fan, you’re familiar with their “Shameless Commerce Division.”  You could put this post in the same category, but I share it because I hope it will helpful to faithful people who are searching for the way their “one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver’s beautiful phrase) can make a difference in this world.

“Make A Difference” includes the stories of real real people who have discovered the unique way they can make a Christ-like difference in this world.  9781501847585I’m grateful for each of them and for many others whose stories didn’t make it into the book, but who have shown me what it looks like for followers of Christ to participate in the ongoing work of God’s Kingdom, coming on earth as it is already fulfilled in heaven.

I’m particularly excited about the DVD  that accompanies the book.  The young leaders who gathered around the table with me are the kind of people who give me great hope for the next generation of leaders.

This resource completes the journey that began with “A Disciple’s Path” by exploring what it means to live into the mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”


It led through  ” Disciple’s Heart”  to  “Earn. Save. Give.”  Finally, “Make A Difference” leads us to discover how we can become participants in God’s transformation of the world.

I’m humbled by and grateful for the way the Spirit is using these resources and pray that they will continue to make a real difference in the real lives of real followers of Jesus Christ in this very real world.

Thanks for listen…now back to “Car Talk.”

Grace and peace,



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2 thoughts on “Will Your “One, Wild and Precious Life” Make a Difference?

  1. Jim, i am happy you have a “shameless commerce” side in your life. That part of who are you rarely makes its appearance.

    I have a bit of that in me this morning awakening in the Village Hotel on the Ashville Biltmore Estate where I last night united a second Dowdle with his bride – all because 4 years ago you offered me the chance to marry Elizabeth and Eric at Blackberry Farm in TN. Before coming here spent two nights with John and Cynthia at Laurie’s mountain home and this morning we go to Junaluska to the Buell’s home for the rest of the week. Those HPUM connections are nice. I mentioned to Mark we were going to be in this area and he quickly offered the house saying Courtney was planning on coming up this week and had a last minute change of plans so the house would be ours if we would like it to be. Yes! Looking forward to seeing you at The Portico come Sunday. Grace and peace, Bernie Sent from my iPhone


    1. Bernie: Glad you are enjoying the wonderful hospitality of our generous folks in the mountains!

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